Welcome to the website KOČÍ a.s.

We are a dynamic, Czech construction company based in Písek. Since its founding in 1990, we have developed one of the leading construction companies in South Bohemia, which successfully resists the pressure of powerful multinational companies. We emphasize quality, that is why we work with top architects and other construction specialists. We are in close contact with contracting authorities and local autonomies. We respect the requirements of preservationists and we strive to meet the final users of buildings.
The joy of a well done job is our credo. Our references are proof of that.

Karel Maleček

Safety Coordinator
Phone: (+420) 731 439 620
E-mail: malecek@koci.eu

Diana Procházková

PR manager KOČÍ a.s.
Phone: (+420) 777 034 170
E-mail: prochazkova@koci.eu

KOČÍ a.s.

K Lipám 132, 397 01 Písek
Phone.: (+420) 382 208 200
Fax: (+420) 382 208 290
E-mail: koci@koci.eu